A Field Guide to Trees and Shrubs (Peterson Field Guides)

A Field Guide to Trees and Shrubs: Field Marks of All Trees, Shrubs, and Woody Vines That Grow Wild in the Northeastern and North-Central United States - George A. Petrides This book was owned by my mother--who was the nature lover and birder in the family. She found more to watch then you might expect living in New York City. We lived near Central Park, which is something of a bird sanctuary. Though I'm by no means the naturist she was, I do appreciate the way this book made me more aware of my surroundings. If I turn my head slightly the view from the window shows lots of trees. Just the front section in this book on tress silhouettes means I can identify them as ashes, maples and a "common catalpa" (Indian Bean Tree). 646 species are described and illustrated. The way species are divided into five major groups is very helpful in field identification. So definitely recommended for anyone in the Northeast United States this guide covers.