For the Birds: An Uncommon Guide (Appointment with Nature)

For the Birds: An Uncommon Guide (Appointment with Nature) - Laura Erickson My mother was the nature lover in our family, and I inherited this book from her. But as a life-long New York City resident, I do appreciate the field guides she gathered. It's great how they can make you better appreciate your surroundings, by helping you identify the fauna and flora around you. Above all though, my mother was a birder--and I know this book gave her a lot of pleasure. It's not the usual guide book, but a portrait of a different bird for every day of the year--oriented towards Michigan, where Erickson lives. Today is September 16, for instance, and if you turn to the page for that day you'll find an entry about the warbler, and their migration by night along Lake Superior, with lines for notes of your own. I admit that orientation does make this book less appealing to me, and no doubt I appreciate it less not being the birder my mother was.