Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Book Five: The Last Olympian (Percy Jackson & the Olympians)

The Last Olympian  - Rick Riordan This is the fifth and last book in the Percy Jackson series, rather blatant Harry Potter clones, only Percy is a demigod, not a wizard. Although the series had been developing its own personality as it went along, and Riordan's writing has been getting stronger. I was quite pleased with the last book, and I find that rather rare in series, which tend to lose steam or jump the shark by the end. In some ways I even could say I found the ending more satisfying than the conclusion to Harry Potter. There the way Rowling chose sides between the houses always bugged me, while here, though some might find it too pat, I liked how Riordan developed the arc of the characters and the houses. I do love Riordan's way of using classical myth. How he used the trope of the "Achilles's Heel" was a really nice touch, one that played well with the themes laid out from the beginning. The books are all fast-paced, quick reads. The story scrolls before your eyes like an action film or role playing video game. And how can I not get a kick of a Battle of the Gods set in my own New York City? The city's geography was used to good effect here. And the end, while giving closure, also sets things up for the sequel series, Heroes of Olympus. This concluding book is my favorite of the Percy Jackson books, and I'm tempted to give it five stars. The reason I'm withholding it, is that I still wouldn't put this up there with Harry Potter, Narnia and His Dark Materials, children's works with enough depth in ideas, characters and world-building to be fully satisfying to adults. I can't imagine ever rereading these, and I'm not rushing to read Heroes of Olympus. (Although my resistance may break when the new book in that series comes out in October.) But--this was fun.