An Enemy of the State (The LaNague Federation, Book 1)

An Enemy of the State - F. Paul Wilson I don't think you have to be a libertarian to like this book, but it helps. F. Paul Wilson is best known for his horror fiction, particularly his bestselling vampires-among-the-Nazis, The Keep. I rather enjoyed that pot-boiler, but I like his LaNague novels much more--but then I am a libertarian. This first of the LaNague books deals with a favorite theme of science fiction--a interstellar empire. Peter LaNague isn't trying to build one up or save the fragmenting pieces--he's trying to bring one down--and using the legend of Robin Hood to do it--oh, and manipulation of the money supply. There are faster-than-life ships and aliens and even time-travel tech, but above all really this is economic fiction as much or more as science fiction, and Wilson weaves in economic theory on monetary policy into this yarn. For all that I don't think it's overly didactic. There's plenty of action and intrigue, and maybe even a gentle rap at Atlas Shrugged--as when LaNague's wife discards his carefully reasoned and prepared speech for an emotional appeal. I found it fast reading and great fun--especially Peter's best friend, the potted plant Pierre. Yes, really.