Shatner Rules: Your Guide to Understanding the Shatnerverse and the World at Large

Shatner Rules: Your Guide to Understanding the Shatnerverse and the World at Large - William Shatner, Chris Regan ON THINGS THAT SHATNER SAYS 1) This "fifty-thousand-word rulebook/memoir" is a surprisingly fun and funny book. Not for me laugh-out-loud funny, but often smile-worthy. No doubt Shatner's co-author Chris Regan (in the small type), a writer for The Daily Show, had a lot to do with that. By the way, you may not want to read this book while balancing a cup of hot tea on your stomach. Well, while getting over a cold. If you don't laugh, the coughing fit can still get you. 2) It's a good thing given frequent snap quizzes I can read upside-down. (Don't have to reverse the book for the answer keys.) 3) Shatner's more than a little mean to his Star Trek co-stars. On the other hand, his co-stars do seem viciously mean to him. (See, Chapter 6) Or just google. You don't have to take his word for it. 4) For someone raised a nice Jewish boy, Shatner apparently had no problem providing wild boar for dinner--with bow and arrow. Of course, the experience did make him a vegetarian for a while. For a really hair-raising story though, you should hear about him and the fried turkey. I'm not making this up! (See, Chapter 9.) 5) I'm not sure however Shatner (or Regan) didn't make up that story about Shatner and his kidnapped undies. (See, Chapter 8) 6) Shatner is definitely a Canadian. Only a Canadian would take such pride that Canadians are above all a polite people. He's also a native of Quebec, and even a Francophone, which might explain a lot about how he enunciates the English language. (See, Chapter 2) 7) Also? He can proudly claim to be the "Top Esperanto Box Office Draw." (See, Chapter 10) 8) Shatner actually takes his singing seriously. Yes, seriously. Well, so did Yoko Ono. (See, Chapter 14) 9) Shatner can make Rush Limbaugh cry. (See, Chapter 20) 10) If you're a really, really big Shatner fan, unlike just a Star Trek and Kirk fan like me, add two stars to the rating.