The Craggy Hole in My Heart and the Cat Who Fixed It: Over the Edge and Back with My Dad, My Cat, and Me

The Craggy Hole in My Heart and the Cat Who Fixed It - Geneen Roth This is the kind of book that tempts me into being hugely snarky and not nice so beware. I have a friend who is a huge cat lover (animal lover in general) and if anything would tempt her into reading a non-fiction book, it's this kind of book. Only one thing she says bothers her about this kind of book--and that's when the book really turns out to be all about Me! Me! Me! and not really all that much about the cat. (Boy am I glad I checked this out before say, getting it for her for Christmas.) I also think she wouldn't be peachy about how this lady took care of her cat, the twenty-pound "Miss Blanche," in several respects, but I'll spare you that very long rant. I will say I probably should have had a HUGE clue this book wasn't for me when I found it not under Nature or Pets, but in the "Self-Help" section and read on the back about how Roth writes books on food addiction and that her main claim to fame is that she's appeared on the Oprah Winfrey show. Can we say trite Hallmark Card pop psychology? Yes we can! I have rarely found myself so absolutely annoyed by the (whiny) voice of an author. I was impatient to speed through the 50-page mark I hold myself to in order to feel I've been fair to a book.