LEFT BEHIND VOL 1 REV ED PB (Left Behind (Paperback))

Left Behind: A Novel of the Earth's Last Days - Tim LaHaye, Jerry B. Jenkins I didn't expect to like this really. Not given what I'd heard of its Christian Fundamentalist plot and themes. However, I know this is enormously popular, a huge bestseller, and I do sometimes like to read such books, to better understand their appeal. And if they're really bad... Well, I found the Twilight Saga rather fun as a trainwreck and read the whole thing. This novel struck me as too stupid to bother with within a dozen pages though. This novel, part of a series, has as its basis the doctrine held by some Christian sects about "the Rapture." The idea is that in the Last Days of Earth when Jesus returns those who are "saved" will be pulled out and spared the Tribulations. So in this novel such people are suddenly whisked away and those left have to deal with the aftermath. I admit it, I soon did feel I wouldn't get through this, that it was too much like having pamphlet-wielding missionaries crowding me in a stuck elevator. But that aspect isn't what stopped me reading. Or the subpar writing evident from the first. No, a passage on Page 8 is what got to me. We're supposed to believe that a man invents "a synthetic fertilizer that caused the desert sands of Israel to bloom... making Israel the richest nation on Earth" with "zero unemployment" and they are then able to buy peace from their enemies. This is so breathtakingly spectacularly stupid on an a scientific, agricultural, economic and political level, in comparison the Rapture is easy to believe in, and right there I lost interest in anything the authors wanted to put before me. I'm sorry I can't give this a negative rating to put some distance between it and other books I've given low ratings to. Because believe me, Meyer's Twilight, Gregory's The Other Boleyn Girl and Dan Brown's Da Vinci Code are far more worthy reads than this. I can't fathom how even believing Fundamentalist Christians can love this book.