When the Bough Breaks (Alex Delaware)

When the Bough Breaks - Jonathan Kellerman I find this entertaining and above average among the usual mystery book fare, with that sense of an authentic look at a profession. Kellerman, like his child psychologist hero Alex Delaware, has a background in clinical psychology. Alex, burned out after counseling children involved in a sexual abuse case, has retired from practice, but his police detective friend, Milo Sturgis, gets him involved in a case with a psychologist victim and a seven-year-old witness. I found the details about psychological practice interesting, and Kellerman's first person narrative makes for a smooth read, even if aspects of the plot struck me as far-fetched and I didn't particularly like how once made an unpaid "consultant" Alex goes off investigating on his own, breaking laws and idiotically not bringing in the police even after being shot at. However I did find Alex, his girlfriend Robin and Milo likable characters. A good, solid read, even if not a keeper.