Aunt Dimity's Death (Aunt Dimity Mystery)

Aunt Dimity's Death (Aunt Dimity Mystery) - Nancy Atherton The first person narration drew me in, and at first I found myself charmed. I could identify with Lori Shepherd; she had recently suffered the loss of her mother and she's been on a "downward spiral" since her divorce, going from temp job to temp job and dealing with disappointed dreams. However, I found myself disappointed then when we headed to a Cinderella story with an eccentric law firm as fairy-god mother. I couldn't buy it--any of it: The rain-drenched Lori gifted with dry clothing as soon as she's in the door, fed soup and tucked into a clean, warm bed right in the attached residence before she even knows why she's there, waking up to a whole new wardrobe. The servants in the home consisting of law students happy to change beds and dust in return for words of wisdom from the senior partner. Lori not knowing that Dimity was her mother's best friend because they had a pact to keep it to themselves. And I rather lost respect for Lori as a heroine when she took so much passively--answering very personal questions without even asking what this was all about. Hey, in our world full of scams and hucksters I wouldn't even show up on the firm's doorstep and give them my legal name without calling them first and finding out what this is regarding. Later on she just comes across as whiny and bratty, throwing fits only to be reassured by the love interest, Bill Willis, and his father head of the law firm she's awesome. I know some criticize people who review without reading the entire book--but really, sometimes just 50 to 100 pages are enough. If the foundation upon which the story is written is ridiculous, nothing can make it recover. Add the cliche stupid, eccentric jump-through-hoops conditions to the bequest, and that apparently Aunt Dimity will poke her nose in this series as a ghost--well, there are better ways to spend my time.