The Between

The Between - Tananarive Due A true-page turner I devoured in a few hours that inhabits the gray spaces between dark fantasy and psychological thriller. Hilton James has felt since childhood that he needs to make his life count, because his grandmother lost her life saving him from drowning. Now his family is in danger; they've been getting death threats from a dangerous racist touched off by his wife's election making her the only black female judge in Miami--and Hilton seems to be losing it, caught up in disturbing nightmares. The style is clean, the story well-paced, and I liked the portrait of Miami and the way it handles difficult topics (homelessness, racism, drug addiction, AIDS, marital problems) with...ease is the best word. I wouldn't call it a light touch exactly, there's little humor here, but it's hard not to root for Hilton and his family, which both helps alleviate some of the darkness but also ups the suspense since you care what happens to them.