The Keep (Adversary Cycle)

The Keep - F. Paul Wilson This is a good, solid horror thriller. Interesting riff on the vampire legend. (In Transylvania! With Nazis!). It features good pacing, sympathetic characters you worry over and evil ones you can hiss at, a nice element of romance. (I have to agree with one reviewer though, who observed that Woermann, the conflicted officer trying to save his men and serve his country while hating the Nazi regime, is a more interesting character than the purported hero and heroine.) Though not anything extraordinarily memorable, the novel is a good spooky tale told in a deft, clean style. It's the first of a series, the "Adversary Cycle" I might try more of. I'm actually more impressed by the author's not as well-known science-fiction, such as The Tery, Dydeetown World, Wheels Within Wheels. But if you're looking for a entertaining Halloween read, this fits the bill.