Wolf Who Rules

Wolf Who Rules  - Wen Spencer The sequel to Tinker, which I hadn't read, and may be one reason this book didn't click with me. The style is decent, but nothing sets it apart. (Other than dropping the f-bomb early and often.) Set in a future Pittsburgh transported to the planet Elfhome, the heroine, Tinker, once human, was made into an elf by her lover, Wolf-Who-Rules, to be his queen. (Tinker is both Mary Sue and TSTL--amazing how often those traits go together in fictional characters.) Oh, and there be Significant Dreams(tm) based on Alice in Wonderland and The Wizard of Oz. But you know the real deal-breaker with me? Dear Wolf, our titular hero, is planning genocide for an evil race that breeds like vermin ("like mice.") What does that remind you of? Yes, I know, it's fantasy. Maybe the "oni" really are evil. This is also fiction though, where the author makes it so. And given human history that was a choice I found repellent.