Jude's Law (The Law Duology, Book 1)

Jude's Law - Lori Foster Right from the beginning Jude, the male lead, was sexually aggressive in a way that might have been fine if May, the heroine, had pushed back, or flirted in turn, or maybe even if they had been in an equal position. They weren't--a point is made that Jude's patronage of May's gallery is all that's keeping her afloat--and he knows it. Given that May's nervous, "Oh, you're just joking" clueless-on-purpose response to his overtures struck me as a God, get away from me and Jude's persistence as sexual harassment. Not good--even if we later learn that it was more from insecurity and May was attracted to him. (May, by the way, is described by Jude as "Rubenesque" and by another character as "chunky." Nice that--that she's not the usual stick figure heroine.) Then enter stupid plot to kill Jude--loan sharks will forgive the gambling debt of May's drunkard brother if he kills Jude. (What? They never heard of paid hit men?) So, what do you think, do Jude and May do something sensible like call the police when they learn of the threat? D'oh. No. So on page 130, particularly since I didn't find this book had anything going for it, I gave up.