Suddenly You

Suddenly You - Lisa Kleypas This novel has a readable style compared to most romance novels, but what makes it stand out are the plot and characterizations which are about as far away from the conventional historical romance as you can get--in good ways. The heroine, Amanda Briars, is a women of independent means in Victorian England who makes her living as a novelist. She arranges for a male prostitute to come to her on her 30th birthday because she's tired of being a spinster virgin. Except what the madame sends is a man she thinks might be Amanda's match--Jack Devlin, a young publisher. And that's about as much I can tell you without it being a spoiler, except this breaks other romance conventions--which is the reason this was among my favorite reads on a romance reading list I recently worked through. I also think I find Jack just about the most appealing hero among the romance books I've read--he's a real entrepreneur, an ambitious self-made man and I for one find that a thousand times more attractive than a title.