Talon of the Silver Hawk (Conclave of Shadows, Book 1)

Talon of the Silver Hawk (Conclave of Shadows #1) - Raymond E. Feist I found this enjoyable enough I could see looking up the two other books in this trilogy, although I'm not in a hurry, and in that in line with how I felt about the other Feist book I've read, Magician: Apprentice also set in this universe. I believe that other book was among the first Feist ever wrote, and I do find Talon a better, smoother read than I remember that book being. The setting is fairly routine in fantasy--reminiscent of medieval/renaissance Europe, although there are hints of a science-fiction gloss and even mentions of other worlds and alien beings. This particular book is built around the classic revenge plot--the book opens as Talon's people are destroyed--for which he vows revenge. I felt too much of Part One: Orphan was set-up about Talon's training to become a spy. Part Two: Mercenary was more involving to me as Talon finally was put into play as an agent. I did like Talon. Nevertheless, I was left feeling distanced from him. Maybe it's a girl thing. Women are pretty much only bed-warmers in this novel. Even in terms of just friendship, with Talon's family all gone from the beginning, he never really relates to anyone with deep emotion. Pretty much everyone around him, even the "good guys" (as they keep insisting they are) just uses Talon, ruthlessly honing him into a weapon. So there's no leavening romance or friendship or comradeship here--not really. I think that's why I'm in no hurry to pick up the next book even though this tale was a pleasant ride.