Industrial Magic (Women of the Otherworld, Book 4)

Industrial Magic  - Kelley Armstrong I love Armstrong's Women of the Otherworld series, which are mostly first person Urban Fantasies written from a female point of view. That said, I certainly have my favorites, and the two novels centering on Paige Winterbourne and Lucas Cortes definitely rank for me as the ones I loved the most. I could understand readers having other favorites, the novels are all good reads. However, I just happen to like Paige, and the themes of a "cabal" of male sorcerers organized in something resembling a corporation and the relatively less powerful female witches in opposition. Paige is a witch--Lucas, the romantic interest, is a sorcerer. The first novel involving them was Dime Store Magic which should be read before this one. I find both books a fun, engrossing read that combine urban fantasy with elements of romance and mystery. (And it's nice reading an urban fantasy not centered on vampires or werewolves.)