Dime Store Magic (Women of the Otherworld)

Dime Store Magic (Women of the Otherwold, #3) - Kelley Armstrong Dime Store Magic was my introduction to Armstrong's Women of the Otherworld series told in first person by various female characters. I didn't feel lost even though I hadn't read the two previous books, Bitten and Stolen, although obviously if you start here you'll encounter spoilers for both those books. This book and the next which deal with Paige Winterbourne and Lucas Cortes are my favorites--maybe because of early imprinting, granted, but those two are my favorite characters in the series, and I prefer them to the central couple in the first book. I enjoyed seeing the action from Paige's first person point of view--I prefer her voice to the smart ass female first person voices in urban fantasy. I liked the supernatural world Armstrong created here in this series and this one is a great read with an engaging heroine. No, it's isn't a great fantasy classic a la Lord of the Rings or Good Omens--it's ranked five stars because its a genuine favorite of mine--the kind of read you love because the characters are good friends.