Haunted (Women of the Otherworld, Book 5)

Haunted - Kelley Armstrong I'm a fan of Armstrong's Women of the Otherworld series, supernatural urban fantasy usually told through a first person female point of view. I think all the books are good, entertaining reads, the kind you can devour in a sitting. I think how much you like any particular book depends on which characters you favor as well as which world you find most entrancing. Werewolves? Sorcerers and Witches? In this case, the point of view character is Eve Levine and we get a look at...well, heaven. She's kind of an angel. Except that's pretty far from how you might describe Eve--which is part of what makes her story all the more an entertaining read and among my favorites in the series. I think Armstrong is good about making the books in the series stand alone, so you wouldn't have to get the earlier books before reading Haunted, but I'd recommend them. They're good reads and there are some spoilers here for those earlier books. The recently published Tales of the Otherworld has a novella prequel to Eve's story you'd want to hunt up if you like this novel.