Bloody Bones (Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter)

Bloody Bones   - Laurell K. Hamilton Me and Anita Blake came to a parting of the ways after Flirt, Book 18. Although really I lost the love after Narcissus in Chains, Book 10. That I lasted as long as I did is a tribute to how much I did enjoy the earlier books and hoped they might get back on track. It's been several years since I read the Anita Blake books. About five years, I think, since I remember Harlequin had already come out and I gobbled them up one after another. Yet I still remember the vividly that scene in the graveyard. Truly, made of awesomeness, for this was when Anita really was a Vampire Hunter--and an Animator--an employee of a firm that will raise the dead for you for a last talk--for a price. It was a time in which Anita was still torn between the smexy Jean Claude, Vampire Master of the City, and Richard the (still) decent and good man--and werewolf. And oh, yeah, she still cared about people she didn't have a sexual or romantic hankering for--witness the prominence of her co-worker Larry Kirkland in this book who often provides the comic relief. In other words, this was when Anita and her universe were still fun.