The Perfect Storm: A True Story of Men Against the Sea

The Perfect Storm: A True Story of Men Against the Sea - Sebastian Junger The perfect book. If your idea of it was formed by the (imo) not very good film adapted from it, well, don't judge it from that. I found this book riveting, and absolutely nothing created by special effects technicians can match the awe-inspiring description of rogue waves. And just about nothing, no scene even from a Stephen King book, can match the frightening, evocative description of what it's like to drown. When I passed on this book to my mother, that passage would give her nightmares. Two things in particular amazed me about this book. Like "Into Thin Air" about Everest, it transported me into an alien environment like few other books. And this is based on a true story and reads like a novel, yet as far as I can recall--Junger didn't cheat. I mean this is primarily focused on a ship lost at sea with all hands--the Andrea Gail. But Junger doesn't say dramatize their drowning or describe a freak rogue wave using his imagination--instead he relates the experiences of survivors of rogue waves or people who almost drowned--and does so in such a seamless way you feel he's told a story truly--one for which there were no living witnesses.