Arrow's Flight (The Heralds of Valdemar, Book 2)

Arrow's Flight - Mercedes Lackey This is the sequel to Arrows of the Queen concluded in Arrows Fall. I loved the Valdemar stories as a teen and recently read them in a fit of nostalgia and found I still love them: good comfort food. The series deal with a kind of police force/military in a medieval setting bonded with magical horses the equal of their riders and full partners. The trilogy with Talia this is the middle book for is also a engaging coming of age tale in the classic mold, with an unappreciated child finding and growing into their destiny. This particular story has Talia finally done with her schooling and going out in the world, and I thought the story dealt well with some of the ethical dilemmas of her gift. A good read in an involving world with characters Lackey makes me care about.