Emperor Mage (Immortals (Quality))

Emperor Mage - Tamora Pierce The series this is a part of is my least favorite among Pierce's books; I find the environmentalist and animal rights themes rather heavy handed. This third book is my favorite within that series though, if for no other reason a certain scene with Daine which I'd love to see in a major motion picture--the description and action defines cinematic as Daine leads an army of dinosaur skeletons. And not only I do find Numair, Daine's mentor, appealing, I agree with the reviewer that calls Kitten the cutest little dragon ever! Definitely not just for youngsters--I discovered Tamora's young adult fantasy novels as an adult as the result of the enthusiastic recommendation of someone who loved her books as a child--and unlike me (she's a lot more sympathetic to the underlying political message) this particular series is actually her favorite.