Temple of the Winds (Sword of Truth)

Temple of the Winds - Terry Goodkind, Dick Hill This is an outing of the series back when I still found it tremendous fun. (Alas, that would not remain so, although once-fans of Sword of Truth widely disagree about when the series jumped the shark, even this novel has its detractors and there are some entertained to the end of the series.) I remember when I first picked up the book I was a bit cheesed at yet another series of obstacles placed in the way of Richard and Kahlan getting together. How long was Goodkind going to stretch it out? But Goodkind's strengths in world-building, inventive magic and memorable characters are still in play, and I was sucked in. I particularly loved Nathan as well as Cara and the other Mord-Sith in this. And the "Temple of the Winds" is itself almost a character.