Triangulation: Taking Flight - Pete Butler, Gail Sosinsky Wickman, Shanna Germain, Matthew Johnson, Jacob Edwards, Amy Treadwell, Gerri Leen, David Seigler, Ian Creasey, Marc Vun Kannon, Matt Betts, Stephen V. Ramey, Lavie Tidhar, Shweta Narayan, Eugie Foster, Reesa Brown, Elizabeth Barrette, Katy Darb Flight is the theme of this collection of 20 stories of speculative fiction ranging from about 5,000 words to one-page flash fiction. As you might guess given the theme, science-fiction dominates, but fantasy and horror is represented too. The back cover announces there are: Rockets funded by bake sales! Zeppelins filled with Nazis! Were-crows! Magic carpets trying to take flight! Ghostly jetliners trying to land! My friend Gerri Leen contributed that were-crow story, a fun, short humor piece, "Nothing to Crow About," so I can't claim to be an objective reviewer; I even was a first reader (beta) for that story. But for what it's worth, I didn't just love that story but several others, making it hard to pick out favorites, but I'm going to name my other five favorites below: Amy Treadwell, "Guinea" - Treadwell appears twice on the contents page because she was the winner and runner-up in a blind contest associated with the publication. This, the winning story, was a light-hearted, charming odd ball piece with great characters. Elizabeth Barrett, "Peacock Hour" - This story of "Magic carpets trying to take flight" was my favorite out of the five. Lovely piece reminiscent of something out of the Arabian Nights Rachel Swirsky, "Into the Air" - This is the second Triangulation issue I've read, and one of Swirsky's stories in the other one was a favorite there too. I loved the lyricism of the prose. It appealed to my magpie soul. I liked it's fairy-tale quality and use of the second person. Paul Stefko, "What Are The Odds?" - The Nazis and Zeppelins story it had a really great premise well executed. Amy Treadwell, "My Name Is Nine" - This was the runner-up, fantasy where her other hinted at science-fiction. I actually loved this even more than the winner. Great voice, great character. I didn't care for all of the stories in the anthology, and one was seriously... well disturbing, even squicky. Nevertheless, all the stories were well-written; I found the talent and range of the stories impressive.