Dragonsinger (Harper Hall Trilogy)

Dragonsinger  - Anne McCaffrey This book is a sequel to Dragonsong set within the Pern universe that includes McCaffrey's Dragonrider books. I first read this as a teen and this is marketed towards young adults (or even younger). However, I found it a fun read even later as an adult. Menolly is among McCaffrey's most appealing characters; I enjoyed seeing her growth through these two books. I was fascinated with the world of dragons (and music in Harper Hall) that she's a part of, and other characters surrounding her like the Masterharper Robinton and her fellow student Piemur are memorable and appealing. Even lacking the dragons (although the events in Dragonquest are echoed here) this book in McCaffrey's Pern is among the most entrancing. (and given Menolly's nine firelizards, I don't miss the dragons too much.)