Citizen of the Galaxy

Citizen of the Galaxy - Robert A. Heinlein People often divide Heinlein's novels between his juveniles and his so-called adult books such as Stranger in a Strange Land. The truth is, not being much a fan of such themes as polyamory, "free love," nudism and the even more bizarre, I often find myself much preferring his juveniles--even if none of them come quite close to those adult novels I do love such as The Moon is a Harsh Mistress. Of all those juveniles though, over a dozen of them, this is by far my favorite. Maybe it's the sweep of the Kim-like plot of a slave boy, Thorby, brought up by a seeming beggar and rising... well that would give away too much. But Thorby is much more interesting to me than the usual American boy scout next door of the other juveniles. It's a great read, and while it might not be the best Heinlein book, or my favorite, it just might very well be the best introduction to one of the masters of science fiction.