Cradle of Saturn

Cradle of Saturn - James P. Hogan No, just no. I've enjoyed some of Hogan's books. I assume I read this one years ago and must have liked it, because it survived several purges of my bookshelves. (My books reproduce like tribbles, periodically, that means it's them or me--and I prefer me.) Yet, I couldn't recall a thing about it. Utterly unmemorable. Strike One. Then there's the dedication, which reflects the core premise: "To the work of Immanuel Velikovsky and the untiring efforts of Charles Ginenthal." Did I just not notice this back when I first read this or not know back then Velikovsky was a crackpot? (Ginenthal was a disciple.) Strike Two. I possibly overlooked it for two reasons. First, I'm a space junkie, so something about space colonization and exploration on Saturn is definitely my crack. Second, especially back then as a newly minted libertarian I loved to read anything that reflected back my beliefs--although these days, even if I agree with a message, I hate being preached at--and this time I found that aspect unbearable; this time I couldn't make myself last fifty pages in on reread. Strike Three--it's out of my library.