Rissa and Tregare

Rissa and Tregare - F.M. Busby Try finding a kickass heroine in science fiction before 1980, the year before this novel's publication. Particularly try finding a kickass action heroine of that date, one written by a male writer that doesn't make you, a woman, cringe. Rare. So, in Rissa you have a strong heroine in a space opera of the kind you find in Robert Heinlein, David Weber, Lois McMaster Bujold, Elizabeth Moon. For me, this really hit the spot. And this is one of those old-fashioned tales about someone who starts at the very bottom of life only to rise to heights on smarts and gumption--and more than a little luck. And believe me, it's not as if Bran Tregare, a space pirate that could give Han Solo a run for his money, doesn't have his own appeal. This is only the second book in the Rissa trilogy, so you should really start with Young Rissa (aka Rissa Kerguelan)--if you can. I can't remember how I discovered this series, I think I must have been lent one by a friend, because I do remember reading The Long View which I don't own. But I do remember then hunting used book stores trying to find more--and alas I only have three on my book shelves--and Young Rissa isn't one of them. Fortunately this novel can stand alone, even if there are tantalizing references to what must have happened in other books. Thes Rissa and Tregare books are a pleasure, and I'm only sorry they're not easily available--and that there aren't more.