Fledgling (Theo Waitley, #1) (Liaden Universe, #12) - Sharon Lee, Steve Miller

I got this and another book in the series free as ebooks from the Baen Books site. If you google it, I think it's still available. I was unimpressed by Agent of Change. It was readable with likable characters but seemed to me rather generic space opera romance. Plus, it annoyed me by ending on somewhat of an unfinished note. I was left feeling happy I hadn't paid for the book and thinking I sure wouldn't pay for more. But I still had Fledgling on my iPhone so I gave it a shot.
I liked this book much more, It made me feel, yes, I would look for more of this author, of this series, and it would be worth paying for. This isn't high-concept science fiction with mind-blowing ideas, no. But I loved Theo Waitley--this works as YA in a lot of ways even if not completely from her point of view. And the authors play with interesting ideas about safety versus freedom and gender roles. I'm very glad I gave this a read.