A Quiet Shelter There - Wendy L. Schmidt, Gerri Leen

Not ground-breaking, no--but very entertaining and enjoyable with some real gems. I admit I'm biased. A friend is the editor, and I was one of the proof-readers, although I'm not making any money off this. What will be making some money from the proceeds is a shelter for homeless animals, which is fitting. This is an anthology of stories and poems about companion animals--about the human/animal connection--in the speculative fiction genre: fantasy and science fiction. About my only complaint is there are too many cats and not enough dogs! But seriously, I can't see an animal lover who enjoys fantasy and science fiction not being charmed. The stories run the gamut in setting, genre, style and imagination from the opening story in present-day Istanbul to the far reaches of outer space. And my personal favorite didn't involve a cat or dog but a tiny dragon. And more than one story left me misty-eyed--which is why I am giving this five stars, my interest in this notwithstanding.