Naamah's Blessing - Jacqueline Carey

I relished this, I enjoyed it, I'm a little sorry it's over and I have to let this world go. It's "only" a four star because, well, it's not the moving experience the first thee books in the series were--those made me cry--and more than once. Nothing here put me close to that sort of feeling. I'd also say style-wise, every once in a while I'd find myself irked by Carey's cheesy erotica, her penchant for clunky dialogue tagging, and Moriin's constant exclamations of "sea and sky." But there was much to love here. I love how Carey really played with history here. Yes, it was easy to see some parallels with the world of Phedre of the Kushiel books and our own, but more in the generic high-fantasy way. This goes further with the whole story line of "Terra Nova" and an alternate universe meeting of civilizations that--well, that would be to spoil things. I certainly liked the Naaman trilogy better than the middle trilogy focused on Imriel--and I loved Bao more than any Carey male hero. A lush read and a good wallow for anyone fond of heroic fantasy with a strong female protagonist.